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JAMIE LEE CURTIS: A Woman of Substance
By: Mimi Makabi

When we considered which face belonged on the cover of our “Women’s Power Issue”—the first name that came to mind was Jamie Lee Curtis. There is no more aspiring example of the power of talent, compassion and tenacity than Curtis’ rise as a famed, award-winning actress to the leading humanitarian and loving mother she is today. She has dedicated most of her life to making people smile—both on and off screen. With a spirit that is ever flowing with warmth, love, hope, and courage—Curtis’ natural and unassuming presence has attracted attention and captivated audiences for years.

In an exclusive interview at her warm and humble home in Santa Monica, California, Jamie Lee Curtis sits and shares her views on—power, women, and her lifelong commitment to humanity and philanthropy. She reveals the beauty of her amazing heart and soul—the beauty that makes her ‘A Woman of Substance’!

You may have seen her in blockbuster movies; read one of her best-selling novels; been awestruck after hearing one of her speeches; or recently seen her as the new national spokeswoman for The Starlight Starbright Foundation for children—now meet Jamie Lee Curtis, the exemplary woman that has taken her ‘star power’ to a whole new level and has achieved something of great value and lasting worth.

Despite being the daughter of two members of Hollywood royalty (Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis), Jamie Lee Curtis, early on, chose not to live in the shadow of her parents. Instead, she made a name for herself and righteously earned every ounce of her success. Famous for her roles in the movies, Halloween, A Fish Called Wanda, True Lies, and Trading Places, Curtis has always pushed back the envelope—both on and off screen. Even though she is most notably known for her acting abilities, she has taken her nurturing and caring spirit, and devoted her life to her family and her love for philanthropy.

She is a woman that has been able to step boldly between her professional world (Hollywood), and the real world of humanity. Throughout her life, she has used her incredible fame and popularity towards many great causes. One that is very near and dear to her heart is her dedication to helping children who are suffering from serious illnesses.  She has encouraged the world to hear their voices—and more importantly, has helped the world see the children as ‘people’, and not just a ‘disease’.

She is a woman who has become a female icon—whose happiness in her own skin is something we can all draw strength from. She is a role model who has developed the power to exert a cultural influence—moral, emotional, spiritual, aesthetic, and commercial.

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