Featured // Letter From The Editor
By: Mimi Makabi


At CELEBRITY SOCIETY, we are always looking for reasons to celebrate! After 40 incredible years of connecting the worlds of high society, philanthropy and luxury, we decided it was time to provide a fresh perspective as we are constantly growing and evolving with the times. What you hold in your hands right now, the “40 Years, THEN, NOW, NEXT” Issue of CELEBRITY SOCIETY, is a stepping stone to the future of our publication.


For this milestone issue, we are kicking the celebration off by not only unveiling our modern new look, but by also carefully choosing the “Picture Perfect Philanthropist” to grace our cover… “Mr. Nigel Barker.”  


From our fresh new logo to the updated designs throughout the magazine, we will always remain true to our original mission: to serve as a bridge between all the worthy charities and the outstanding philanthropists that stand behind them. As we continue to blend the worlds of affluence and influence, we are also pleased to unveil our newly revamped website: www.celebritysociety.com which is designed to be more user-friendly and make CELEBRITY SOCIETY accessible to a wider audience, and to those whose interests gravitate towards contributions to society.


In our (humble) opinion, there’s no finer way to celebrate both our history and future than by handpicking a dynamic line up of celebrities who use their own voices to address the causes they hold near and dear to their hearts. Our celebrity contributors have generously donated time and money to goodwill causes, illustrating that people can, and do, use their fame and fortune for doing good. We hope by sharing their stories we can cultivate the NEXT generation of philanthropic role-models who will be inspired to give back to their communities and work together in support of a diverse range of worthy causes.


We are also honored to announce our new Editor-at-Large, Candy Spelling who has been a long-time friend and supporter of our publication.


With 40 years of unsurpassed passion and commitment to the culture of giving, we have achieved a level of maturity that has allowed us to broaden and deepen the opportunities for our continued growth. As a journalist, I had no clue what was to come when I first arrived, literally, clutching my communication degree and a passion to become a moral voice to issues/causes that need support, and to meet the inspiring individuals that have not only paved their way in their respective fields, but also who have turned their successes into making a positive difference in our world.


Today, it is with great pride that I celebrate my 6th year at CELEBRITY SOCIETY, having successfully navigated the often bumpy transition from Head Writer to Editor-in-Chief and to strongly position myself to refine, improve and expand upon our mission and its impact.



I thank all our community leaders, and movers-and-shakers, the 1st class humanitarians with whom I’ve been able to surround myself over the years, for allowing me this privilege. I also remain extraordinarily grateful for all your support, our valued readers who have been instrumental in our success and future. Pop the champagne and let’s celebrate what is yet to come!


Warm wishes,



Mimi Makabi