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By: Mimi Makabi
There's only one monarch in music whose title has never rung false and still holds up — and that is Miss Diana Ross, ‘pop’s first and greatest goddess.’ An icon and powerful role model for over four decades, Diana Ross has been one of the most celebrated artists of our time. From lead singer of The Supremes to one of the most successful solo artist, and from her academy award nominated performance as Billie Holiday to her role as a muse to artists—she has been a powerful and vibrant force in American life. Her unique sultry voice is a testament to her impact on the music world over the course of her long and exciting career. With an amazing capacity to combine many different interests and with a seemingly tireless energy, Diana Ross continues to be a leading figure for each generation. She is simply… ‘Endless Ross.’ They don't come more legendary than Miss Diana Ross. She is a global entertainment icon, a celebrated musical treasure whose music has, for decades, inspired romance, happiness and joy.

The splendid instrument that is Ross’s voice has been transporting more listeners to invisible worlds than all the airlines, trains, buses and ships combined. Her terrestrial passion and heavenly voice that has enthralled practically everyone who has heard it, is a force, whose effect is simply indescribable.

In a remarkable career spanning over 40 years, Ross has proven herself the consummate music artist as well as one of the most iconic female singers of all time. Ross is a leader, gifted, talented; 'the spirit, power and history of American soul music condensed into one voice.’ Her music has expressed a passion and intensity that has never failed to move her listeners.

The statistics of her achievements as a recording sales leader are clearly drawn in platinum and gold. Through the years, she has produced an endless stream of chart singles and sell-out tours, at the same time showing herself also to be a high achieving business woman unafraid to take on new challenges and new directions which her remarkable career has brought to her.

She has achieved sales unequaled by any other female recording artist of her time. As front woman of The Supremes in the sixties, Ross became one of the most immortal figures in popular music. Her post-Motown solo career has extended her string of successes which includes the unprecedented feat of twelve number one singles in the US, rivaled only by The Beatles for the position of the biggest hit group of that generation. The disco classic "Love Hangover" and her romantic hit "Why Do Fools Fall in Love," are but a couple of Ross’s platinum hits. Her repertoire has covered popular music and the works of such diverse and legendary composers as Sam Cooke, Jules Stein, and Rogers & Hart. She has also shared recordings with Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson and Julio Iglesias. Another duet, "Endless Love," with Lionel Richie topped the U.S. charts for nine weeks - one of the longest residencies at the top of the chart in the history of American music.

These are just a few of the many enthusiastic accolades bestowed upon her as one of the most prominent women in popular

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